Company Background

gold-nuggets2With over 5 years in Gold sales management experience, Afro Mines LTD is a gold exploration and mining company in Uganda and Congo, East Africa. With 100+ gold concessions, including 15 large scale concessions, located in Congo’s prolific gold mining belts, the company’s near-term objective is to continue to develop its small scale alluvial mines and, over time, develop its large scale alluvial and hard rock mines to become one of Africa’s largest gold producers. AFRO-Mines also processes gold tailings and buys gold from miners around the country.

AFRO-Mines has extensive gold mining expertise in its executive and operational ranks. The company has close ties with Uganda’s governmental agencies and the Congo National Association of Small Scale Miners, and is actively working on partnerships to help all of Congolese small scale miners create prosperous projects that will benefit both Congo and Uganda economy. AFRO-Mines has a committed concern for the indigenous people and local environment and has committed to investment in the local communities.


Head Offices in Kampala, Uganda, Afro mines negotiates for and deals with 15 large scale concessions gold mining operations in 3 countries. Gold is a fragile commodity to be negotiated. Failure to act ethically has an impact on our credibility, both with our suppliers as well as our buyers.

Trust is constructed on the basis of several building blocks that include, but are not limited to: effective dialogue with a focus on listening and participation, respect, transparency, commitment making and delivery; and continuity over time to deliver on commitments made. We seek to address each of these to maintain our trust and credibility.


We are dealers of Gold nuggets and dore bars from Democratic Republic Of Congo, Uganda and South Africa on the African continent. At Afro Mines  we work with gold miners, exporters and sellers from Africa with long term experience and reputation.
We believe that as a responsible corporate citizen, our duties include assisting the development of the mining industry in the region  while working diligently to manage the impact of our operations, to provide a safe workplace for our buyers, and to ensure that our host communities gain long-term sustainable benefits from our mining activities.
We are committed to making sure all our business practices are conducted responsibly and have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate in and represent.