Company Overview

Company Overview: Afro Mines

  • A Uganda, Congo, South African-based gold exploration and mining company established in 2010.
  • 100+ gold mining concessions, including 15 large scale concessions, located in Congo’s renowned and prolific gold mining belts.
  • Extensive gold tailings with access to much more.
  • Gold buying offices to acquire gold from local miners.
  • Strong leadership and technical expertise.
  • Close ties with Uganda’s federal and local governmental agencies and the Congo National Association of Small Scale Miners.
  • Committed to social and environmental responsibility.
  • Positioned to become a leading Ugandan gold producer.
  • Changing the small scale mining industry across Congo and Ugnada.
  • Significant other non-mining initiatives, including:
    • Developing a network of tailings processing plants around the country.
    • Developing the USD$150 million Total Logistics Center

Phase 1 – Portfolio Acquisition

Over it first five years, Afro Mines has acquired 100+ quality gold mining concessions, including 15 large scale concessions (up to 80+ square kilometers each). In addition, the company owns/controls over 300,000 metric tons of rich gold tailings ready for processing, with access to much more. With respect to property acquisition, Phase 1 is substantially complete (although new deals are evaluated regularly).

gold-mine-ugandaAlso, because of the broad scope and scale of the national initiatives, a great deal of coordination with key stakeholders in Congo and Uganda has occurred and is ongoing, including federal, regional and local governmental entities, the Congo National Association of Small Scale Miners (“CNASSM”), the Congp Supply Company Limited (“CSCL”), the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited (“PMMC”), mining industry suppliers, banking partners and many others.

Phase 2a – Develop Small Scale Alluvial Gold Mines on Afro Mines Properties

gold-nuggets4Phase 2a began in earnest in late 2015 and represents a key shift for the company. In addition to the minor mining activities occurring previously, the company has enacted one small scale  with U.S. investors, which is operational. The company is now seeking investors to substantially increase the number of small scale mines in production. Each project takes approximately 90 days to mobilize on the site. Investment capital is raised strictly pursuant to U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission guidelines via Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription. Any consideration to such an investment should be made after thorough study of the Private Placement Memorandum.