High Quality Gold From DRC Congo

High Quality Gold From DRC Congo

High Quality Congo Gold Is The Best African Gold

From the sleepy pearl fishing hub to the glitzy gold hub, Nairobi’s association with gold has always been legendary. Gold trade in the city has been something of an un-diminishing lure as the yellow metal glitters on. With her gold import levels soaring at 360 tonnes, Kampala is soon to be the world’s third largest distributor and vendor of gold bullion imported from various parts of the world; the Democratic Republic of Congo inclusive.
The buying and selling of gold in Kampala requires more than intellect and intelligence. Even the most intelligent can be duped with fake gold.
In most cases, the gold scams have been linked to African countries where criminal craft is believed to be at its best. Could this be true? Well, anything can be associated to Africa without justification or substantiation. This has always been the case. Many gold buyers across the world are made to believe that African gold is in most cases fake.

Buy High Quality Nairobi Gold At The Best Prices

With all the above assumptions, how do you therefore get access to high quality Nairobi gold mined from Congo? The answer is: shop with us! Through partnership with globally reputed companies like Afro mines, we import the best Congo gold and make it available at the current gold price. This company has local mines and deals with surface mining. We have proved beyond doubt that our gold imports from Congo through this company deliver into our hands high grade gold which provides our clients with quality valuable goods.
We are also well known for dealing in cheap gold and we also give you the opportunity to haggle for it. Our stores occasionally offers diamonds, silver and sometimes platinum under tight government regulations. Government regulations on gold trade in Kampala ensures that high quality gold is sold in the market. We have it! We are not street vendors who hawk gold merchandise but we ensure that you get what you fancy and the current gold price.

Get High Quality Kampala Gold At The World’s Best Price

With the per capita levels of gold consumption in Kampala being the highest in the world currently, there has been a need to maintain supply. How in the world can one meet such demand needs? Importation from DRC Congo and South Africa has been our approach to meeting customer needs in the city. You can be sure that the purity of gold you buy from us is more worth than what you would find in other stores in the gold souk.

Our variety of products minted from Congo gold is dazzling, meaning you are also in the presence of a dazzling variety to choose from.
Our gold products meet the purity specifications and standards set by Kampala Municipality Inspections Department. The regular checks from The Department has not only made us the sole suppliers of high quality Congo gold in the city but has also ensured quality stocks through these regular checks. In short, you are rest assured that gold bought from our stores in Kampala is ‘quality at the world’s best price‘.

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